Medical software development.

For over 15 years we have designed, maintained and developed medical software. We implement turnkey projects, perform individual stages of work and provide teams of specialists.

Our clients:

  • medical clinics;
  • equipment manufacturers;
  • manufacturers of pharmaceutical products.



  • CRM for public and private medical organizations which supports data exchange within the company and external information systems.
  • Creation of a system for collecting and processing data on hearing and speech disorders. The application allows to get readable results in an easy-to-analyze form and to store and compare the results during the rehabilitation period.
  • Development and training of neural networks to generate 3D models of teeth and jaw based on the X-ray image of the jaw with the division of the tooth into tissues.
  • Development of software for managing ambulance crew calls to exchange data electronically and generate reports on the work of the crews.
  • Production quality control and rejection solution for pharmaceutical vials at the production stage.

Software development for medicine: tools and technologies:

Healthcare tech Epol oft

Company resources: Over 200 specialists, of which 30% are Senior or Expert.

To make the process of software development transparent and clear for the client, Epol Soft:

  • Regularly provides information about the progress of work;
  • Collects customers' opinions on quality: communications, planning, staff competence;
  • Adjusts the work based on the feedback and analyzes the changes.

Medical software development begins with the definition of goals, objectives, and a description of the project. A checklist is available here.

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