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For those who need custom software developed or upgraded, we prepared a handy checklist that will help collect and systematize the data about the project for both the client and the developer.

Please give detailed answers, mark the facts which are especially important to you or for the developer, and specify your contact information.

Epol Soft specialists will review the information and contact you promptly.

Describe what needs to be improved, simplified, automated with the help of the software.
Explain what processes, operations, tasks need to be streamlines
What data should go into the system? How should it be transformed and in what form should it be provided to users for further work?
Describe how users will interact with the system, how you see the interface of the solution.
What software is currently used for the above-mentioned tasks? If possible, describe its strengths and weaknesses., attach screenshots.
What technologies and tools would you prefer for software development?
When are you ready to start interacting with the development team? When do you want to start using the software?
Specify additional important information that wasn't in the previous paragraphs.
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Upload relevant files (requirements, specifications, screenshots, etc.)
Give us a way to contact you: e-mail, phone number, etc.