Development and training of neural networks

Neural network development and training

What are neural networks?

Artificial neural networks is a kind of software whose operation resembles the activity of a human brain when discovering an unfamiliar object. It analyzes its properties and uses this information in the future when interacting with similar objects. Its distinctive feature is the ability to learn, which is finding the right connections and dependencies between input and output data. After performing a certain number of iterations with correct and incorrect choices the system can recognize objects without errors.

How does a neural network work?

Each picture or photo is broken down into small areas of a few pixels. Each of these becomes an input and is compared with the images processed earlier.

Where is it used?

Development and training of neural networks makes it possible to create advanced simulators for games and training, such as devices for practicing dental treatment skills.

How can a neural network interact with a simulator?

Epol Soft has developed software that generates a 3D model of the jaw and individual teeth from an X-ray image, which:

  1. Highlights jaw segments.
  2. Highlights the individual teeth from the segments.
  3. Identifies the contours of each tooth.
  4. Highlights tooth layers: enamel, dentin, pulp.
  5. Creates a 3D model with existing pathologies.
  6. Creates a 3D model of the jaw.
2D tooth model
3D tooth model

Then the generated 3D model of the jaw is uploaded to the simulator for dental training, and with the help of dental tools it helps doctors practice their skills for dental treatment.

Dental treatment training

The development and training of neural networks has improved dental training equipment by introducing new tools to practice treatment skills on a 3D model of jaw and teeth.

In addition to analyzing visual information, similar software is used for speech recognition, predictive model development, data analysis, and clustering.

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