Client: Medincus Hearing and Speech Center, Poland

Technologies: #.Net, #MS SQlite, #XAUDIO, #Wireless Communication Library, #WPF, #NSIS

Sensory Examination Program

For over 14 years Epol Soft LLC has been supporting the medical software “Sensory Examination Program”.

The medical software along with special equipment is used for diagnostics and rehabilitation of hearing, vision, speech disorders in children and adults. For example, during the DDT (Dichotic Digits Test) for diagnosing auditory conversion disorders, the module for this examination is launched in the application, then the device generates a corresponding sound track and plays it the patient’s headphones. The specialist notes the patient’s response in the app, which is then analyzed by the device and then displayed in the form of a report with the test results

The system is used for:

  • conducting examinations of hearing, speech and vision impairments;
  • processing and presenting results in a readable form;
  • information storage.

This medical software and equipment can be used in hospitals, clinics, educational institutions for prevention of perception disorders.

Epol Soft also has experience in maintaining software:

  • CRM-systems for healthcare organizations;
  • Software for dental clinics.