Software for sensory examinations

Task. Improvement of diagnostic accuracy and effectiveness of hearing impairment treatment.

Hearing disorders are tested in patients with the help of special medical devices. Semi-automatic collection and analysis of the patient’s reaction to stimuli does not allow to study its disturbances quickly and reliably as well as to prescribe and monitor the results of the treatment.

Scope. Development of medical software which will collect, analyze, provide in a convenient form and store the data on the patients’ reactions to stimuli during research of hearing disturbances.

Solution. Software that works in conjunction with medical equipment for hearing impairment research. The medical staff member notes the patient’s response to stimuli in the application when conducting a diagnosis. The system:

  • analyzes the response, processes the results, and presents them in a readable way;
  • stores the data and allows the user to compare it at different stages of rehabilitation.
Automated sensory indicator analysis

Implementation result. The development of the medical software has made it possible to:

  • Speed up the diagnosis of hearing impairment;
  • Increase diagnostic accuracy;
  • Improve the effectiveness of treatment.

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