Custom software development services.

Epol Soft develops and supports software solutions for

  • manufacturing companies;
  • medical institutions;
  • IT companies.

Implemented projects:

  1. Solution for planning the demand and distribution of workers in a food production company for several workshops and productions.
  2. Tool for assessing employee competencies and planning staff development.
  3. System for creating teams fof company employees, taking into account experience, competencies, knowledge of foreign languages and project involvement.
  4. Software for analyzing the quality of glass products.
  5. System for remote employee interaction.


Custom software development services: technologies and tools:

Area solutions technologies and tools

Company resources: 200+ programmers, testers, analysts, project managers, with more than 30% of them at the Senior or Expert level.

Forms of cooperation:

  • full-cycle software development;
  • creating individual modules and system parts;
  • providing dedicated teams and specialists.

To make custom software development manageable for the client, Epol Soft:

  • constantly provides reports on the progress of work;
  • collects feedback on the quality of work: communications, planning, competencies;
  • adjusts the interaction based on information from customers and analyzes changes.

Software development begins with the description of project goals and tasks. A checklist is available here.

Software for remote work employee collaboration.

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Field Service Management System

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Workforce balance

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Assessment Tool

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