Our Values

Our main priority is long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with customers and employees.

The basis for a long and successful relationship is customer satisfaction, which we achieve through:

  1. Proactivity. We strive to anticipate customer needs and develop software which will be relevant in the long term. A good example is the workforce management system we created. The customer identified the problem, and we developed a flexible and functional solution that has been beneficial for several years.
  2. The desire for innovation. We develop solutions using most suitable technologies and approaches to solve clients’ business problems, just like we created a solution for finding parking spaces Using IoT.
  3. Customer focus. We strive to satisfy the customers’ needs with maximum customer benefit and exceed expectations.

As a result over 50% of our clients have been working with us for more than 5 years.

Our main resource is our employees who generate new ideas and solutions for clients. Productive interaction with employees is based on the following principles:

  1. Development of competencies by investing in our teams. In 2021, our employees participated in 100+ events aimed to gain knowledge and skills in engineering, design, and software development.
  2. Retaining experienced employees via our incentive system. The average employment term in the company for employees with Middle and Senior status is 5+ years.
  3. Creation of a team with competences in different areas of software development. For example, our specialists know the following programming languages: Java, JavaScript , C++, C, C#, Python, SQL, Kotlin, PHP; database technologies such as MS SQL, MySQL, SQL Lite, Postgre SQL; frontend technologies React, Redux, Angular, Rezor; back-end technologies: ASP.Net, Spring, Hibernate, NodeJS.