Internet of Things software development.

Epol Soft develops software solutions for collecting, transmitting and processing data from various types of sensors.

Areas of application for the Internet of Things:

Smart cities - a concept that integrates information and communication applications to manage various services and assist residents and guests of the cities.

Smart cities is one of the main segments of the Internet of Things uses. IoT sensors can track and control:

  • The quality of the urban environment;
  • Urban transportation movements;
  • Consumption of various types of resources.

For several years, medicine has been a leader in the implementation of smart devices, which are used for:

  • Collecting information about the patient's condition;
  • Monitoring the microclimate in rooms.

Industrial IoT is a network of sensors connected to computer systems for remote monitoring and control of equipment, collecting data on the movement of objects, controlling the quality of raw materials and finished products without human involvement.

Meteorology. The Internet of Things allows one to:

  • Collect data on air quality, water quality, and wind direction in real-time;
  • Monitor changes in indicators and make forecasts;
  • Respond quickly to exceeding indicators.

Internet of Things software development: tools and technologies:

Epol Soft IoT tech

Company competences:

Epol Soft has experience in developing software for the Internet of Things, including:

  • Developing operation support systems;
  • Creating software for collecting and transmitting data;
  • Building visualization systems.

Company resources:

  • 140+ developers, testers, architects, business analysts, and project managers, over 30% of whom are Senior or Expert.

Forms of cooperation:

  • Turnkey project execution;
  • Development of individual modules or services of software;
  • Providing teams or specialists.

To ensure transparent and manageable cooperation with clients, Epol Soft:

  • Regularly informs customers about the progress of work;
  • Collects feedback from customers about the degree of satisfaction with communication, planning, employee competencies;
  • Makes work adjustments based on the information received..

An optimal checklist for starting a project on design, modernization, development of software for IoT is available here.

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