Training simulator for dentistry

Task. To develop a tool for generating a 3D model of teeth for a dental training simulator.

Special simulators that simulate the work of instruments and equipment during dental treatment have been developed produced for the training of dentists. To maximize the effect they use real 3D models of human jaw and teeth with pathologies, on which students practice their skills.

Scope. Development based on artificial intelligence methods of neural networks, which will be able to generate a 3D model of the jaw and individual teeth and transfer the information in the simulator for training.

Solution. A neural network-based software that uses the results of an X-ray and:

  • Generates a 3D model of the jaw;
  • Divides the picture into individual teeth with isolation of individual tissues based on visual information;
  • Exports the data to a simulator for training.
Jaw X-ray
Generated jaw model for training

Implementation results. Development based on neural networks has improved the simulator for training dentists with new tools for practicing dental skills on 3D models of jaw and teeth.

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