Client: drEryk S.A., Poland

Technologies:#C++, #boost, #MFC, #PostgreSQL, #Fast Report, #Web Services, #OpenSSL

Dr. Eryk

For over 15 years Epol Soft has been supporting the software and CRM-system “dr. Eryk”.

The software is a CRM for medicine, which has been supported by Epol Soft for more than 15 years. It includes modules for doctors, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, physical therapists and administrators. The medical software allows you to:

  • manage appointment schedules, including online scheduling and sending sms reminders;
  • remotely consult patients via video links;
  • organize and store information about patients: visits, treatment, procedures, referrals, prescriptions, statistics, etc.;
  • exchange data with laboratories;
  • select and prescribe medications, based on its characteristics and compatibility of drugs, available substitutes and benefits;
  • irganize school healthcare, including wellness programs and screenings;
  • manage the operation of the medical facility (invoices, price lists, statistical reports).

Epol Soft LLC also has experience in supporting software:

  • for studies of hearing, vision, speech disorders;
  • for dental clinics.