Dr. Eryk

Dr Eryk – CRM system for medical institutions.

Task. To optimize the work of a medical center by reducing the time spent on operations related to processing and exchanging information, as well as utilizing tools for prompt communication with patients.

A significant part of the medical center’s work involves auxiliary operations related to search, processing, and transmission of information to interested parties:

  • finding suitable appointment times and notifying all interested parties;
  • processing and transmitting research results to doctors;
  • searching for certain medications and its generics to issue prescriptions;
  • transferring data to other information systems;
  • informing clients of appointment times;
  • organizing and maintaining document flow related to the activities of the medical institution, such as contracts, invoices, and price lists.

Scope. Developing medical software that will:

  • automate standard operations and speed up data exchange within the medical center and with external information systems such as medical databases, pharmacies and government organizations;
  • create channels for prompt communication with clients.

Solution. A system that includes modules for doctors, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, and administrators. In addition, the development of medical software will allow for:

  • scheduling appointments, including online reservations and SMS reminders;
  • consulting patients remotely via video conferencing;
  • systematizing and storing patient information, such as visits, treatments, procedures, referrals, prescriptions, and statistics;
  • exchanging data with the lab;
  • selecting and prescribing medication with consideration for characteristics, drug compatibility, equivalents, and discounts;
  • organizing school healthcare, including health improvement programs and screening examinations;
  • managing medical institution operations, such as invoices, price lists, and statistical reports.
CRM Software for medical facilities

Results. The development of medical software has optimized the work of the medical center by:

  • providing convenient access to the information about patients and medical center services for medical center employees;
  • eliminating time spent on searching and processing data, such as information on medications and generics or research results;
  • creating alternative communication tools with patients such as SMS messages and video consultations.

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