Why Epol Soft

Advantages of working with the company:

  1. Software ready for operation We develop turnkey solutions: from requirements formation to development support.
  2. Transparent development process:
    • Clients receive regular feedback and can adjust the course of the work;
    • We collect and analyze customer feedback on several parameters, including communication, planning, quality of specialists’ work;
    • We optimize the work and interactions based on customer feedback.
  3. Our clients are protected as consumers. The quality of services complies with international DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for software design, development, testing and maintenance.
  4. The certificate affirms not only our compliance with the standards, but also a well-functioning system for support and quality improvement of development and maintenance as services.

  5. Positive results of software implementation confirmed by customer feedback, such as the implementation of the ambulance call management system.