Client: Santa Bremor, Belarus

Technologies: #Java, #Spring, #Hibernate, #Jasper Report, #PostgreSQL, #Docker, #JS, #React, #Redux

Workforce balance

Workforce balance is a software that smooths out seasonal changes in workforce needs and generates a workforce plan, taking into account:

  • rotation of employees between workshops and sites;
  • competencies and experience of workers.

The program forms the plan of human resource allocation taking into account:

  • production plans of structural units with individual seasonality;
  • seasonal needs in employees;
  • dates of hiring, shift work, labor and social leaves, sick leaves;
  • annual employeee management models based on the number of employees and vacation schedule;
  • model reevaluation after updating production plans;
  • relocation of employees based on competencies and experience in a particular areas, execution of operations, vacations, etc;
  • integration with the client’s ERP systems;
  • convenience in creating necessary personnel and analytical documents.

The workforce balance forecast allows you to reach your production and shipment plan during peak growth periods without additional hiring.

The workforce plan solution is currently used by one of Eastern Europe’s largest food processing and manufacturing plants.