Mobile workstation for ambulance teams

The software is designed to manage calls from ambulance crews. The software complex consists of two interacting information systems:

  1. Ambulance Dispatcher System, which is used for:
    • registration of the patient’s primary data;
    • transfer of information about the patient to the Ambulance Team System
    • status control and call closing;
    • collection of analytical information.
  2. Ambulance Team System, which is used for:
    • attaining primary information about the patient;
    • filling out the electronic call card;
    • control of filling and status changing of call cards.

The solution speeds up the transfer of information between dispatchers and ambulance crews, reduces paperwork and time for preparing documents, collecting and processing analytical information.

Advantages of the system:

  • easy to use due to intuitive interface in both systems;
  • confidentiality of medical information: secure communication channels are used in the data transfer;
  • Transparency of work: managers and employees have prompt access to information on the ambulance substation functioning.