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Field Service Management System

Field Service Management - a system for planning equipment repairs and maintenance. Task: Creating a system for organizing, online monitoring, and adjusting the work of teams servicing telecommunications equip... Read more

Operations Support System

Task. Creating a tool for managing and supporting private mobile network equipment. Mobile network operation requires network and equipment management, constant monitoring of parameters, and response to deviat... Read more

Training simulator for dentistry

Task. To develop a tool for generating a 3D model of teeth for a dental training simulator. Special simulators that simulate the work of instruments and equipment during dental treatment have been developed pr... Read more

Telecommunications projects and cases

For over 15 years Epol Soft LLC has been a partner of R&D centers of the largest European manufacturer of solutions for cellular and fixed-line communication networks and is engaged in software development for ... Read more

Dr. Eryk

Dr Eryk - CRM system for medical institutions. Task. To optimize the work of a medical center by reducing the time spent on operations related to processing and exchanging information, as well as utilizing t... Read more

Software for sensory examinations

Task. Improvement of diagnostic accuracy and effectiveness of hearing impairment treatment. Hearing disorders are tested in patients with the help of special medical devices. Semi-automatic collection and anal... Read more