Data Collection Automation

Data Collection Automation

Epol Soft is working on a project, developing software to automate data collection from sensors.

The system collects information in real time from monitoring pointss and processes it, then forms a unified database of indicators and monitors the changes.


  • Reduced human influence on the information accuracy;
  • Faster collection and processing of indicators;
  • Standartized tools for collecting, processing and transmitting data;
  • Reduced labor and material costs for collecting and processing of indicators.

Data collection automation from sensors guarantees correct information and prompt detection of critical deviations.

Similar systems can:

  • help collect information from any type of equipment;
  • work along other tools for software processing and data archiving;
  • transfer processed information to other systems.

The areas of application of data collection automation systems are:

  • technological processes;
  • meteorological observations;
  • smart city solutions;
  • medical equipment.