Field Service Management System

Field Service Management – a system for planning equipment repairs and maintenance.

Task: Creating a system for organizing, online monitoring, and adjusting the work of teams servicing telecommunications equipment.

Previously, the data about performed maintenance and repair work would arrive well after the service technicians returned to the office. The company lacked tools that would enable them to:

  • Monitor work progress online;
  • Adjust equipment servicing processes as needed;
  • Control the movement of teams;
  • Remotely inspect equipment;
  • Reserve spare parts for work execution;
  • Organize video meetings with specialists.

Scope. Software for executing equipment repairs and maintenance, allowing for work planning, team assignments, and online monitoring of work progress and team movements.

Solution. Software for planning and monitoring technical servicing of telecommunications equipment, consisting of a mobile application for service teams and administrator application.

Program capabilities include:

  • Predefined templates for equipment maintenance tasks;
  • Tracking the start and end of work;
  • Forming teams of multiple performers and task assignments;
  • RVI video system for remote inspection of managers’ work;
  • GPS tracking of performer movements;
  • RVI – remote video inspection of equipment;
  • Management of available movements and reservations for servicing equipment;
  • Creation and storage of repair and maintenance instructions;
  • Generating work reports.
Field Service Management system functionality

The implementation of this software resulted in:

  • Online monitoring and correction of equipment servicing and team movements with GPS tracking;
  • Optimization of routes by distributing tasks among nearby teams with GPS tracking;
  • Reduced need for on-site work due to remote video inspection of equipment using RVI;
  • Online reports on the number and effectiveness of completed tasks;
  • Reduced time for planning and organizing equipment servicing work.