Telecommunications projects and cases

For over 15 years Epol Soft LLC has been a partner of R&D centers of the largest European manufacturer of solutions for cellular and fixed-line communication networks and is engaged in software development for telecommunications.

The company designs, develops and supports:

  • Services for IMS application servers (transmission of multimedia content) using SIP, DIAMETER, MEGACO/H.248 protocols;
  • MSC systems for call switching and call control;
  • Telecommunications software to provide call information and chargebacks;
  • Interoperability services for different data transmission networks;
  • IN services for fixed and mobile networks;
  • Service for blocking access to mobile network for stolen mobile devices;
  • Service for storing data about the location of a mobile device and managing basic services provided by the mobile network operator to the subscriber;
  • Software for managing the maintenance of telecommunications equipment. The system collects and processes data on scheduled and unscheduled equipment repairs, service teams, scheduled and performed work, availability of materials.

Our customers’ telecommunication equipment and software operates in over 180 countries worldwide.

Epol Soft performs development, optimization and upgrading of existing telecom software and supports migration to new versions of system platforms.

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