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Task. To optimize the work of state institutions and organizations with internal and external counterparties through automation of information storage and processing, and reduction of paper record-keeping.

Prior to the implementation of software, most operations related to record-keeping and work of government agencies were performed using paper documents in a semi-automatic mode and with the use of scattered tools. This did not allow for prompt record updates, required significant time and resources for information and document processing, and did not allow for real-time updates and access to current information.

Scope. Development of tools that will enable real-time updating of government registries and reduce paper record-keeping.

Solutions. A range of software products have been developed to automate interactions with citizens, businesses, public organizations, and reduce paper record-keeping:

  1. State Automated Information System..

    The new version of the resource allows for:

    • provision of paid and free services;
    • payment via an electronic payment system (ERIP).
  2. Trade Registry

    To maintain an up-to-date database on trade and public catering objects, the AIS “Trade Registry of the Republic of Belarus” has been developed. The national database allows for:

    • record-keeping in one location in terms of objects and forms of trade;
    • generation of analytical reports.
  3. Consumer Service Registry

    The State Consumer Service Registry of the Republic of Belarus has been developed to manage household services for the population. As a result of the resource launch, the data on organizations providing household services have been systematized.

  4. Information Resource on Certification of Accounting Activities.

    Creation of a transparent system for accounting and certification of professional accountants. The resource capabilities include:

    • tracking of applicants and specialists who received a certificate of a professional accountant;
    • automation of the qualification exam and confirmation of qualifications.

    Integration with other government resources using an Automated Interagency Information System (OAIS) has been implemented, and the system was adapted for other activities, such as auditing.

  5. 5. State Automated Information System “One Window” consisting of apps:
    • One Window – for formation and processing of citizen and legal entity appeals to government organizations;
    • Information Mediator – for interactions between citizens and government organizations via third parties.

As part of the project, One Window is integrated with the State Automated Information System and the Automated Interdepartmental Interaction System.

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