How to handle working with a team?


Software development outsourcing. How to handle working with a team?

Epol Soft has implemented 100+ projects as outsourcing partner in telecommunications, medicine, manufacturing, public administration. For many clients it was their first, yet successful experience in outsourcing software development.

We have analyzed our experience and compiled a list of tips for those who are planning to boost the dynamics and growth of their projects by outsourcing software development:

  1. Integrate the outsourcing partner into your business processes. Through a series of meetings, tell the partner about:
    • The departments or teams involved in the project;
    • How the interaction occurs: the rules and tools.
  2. Establish communication. Define, or better yet, reflect in the contract:
    • channels of information exchange;
    • who is responsible for interaction with the partner and their level of authority;
    • meeting schedules.
  3. Define:
    • developer replacement order;
    • control and report procedures;
    • force majeure situations.
  4. Exit strategy! Any partnership can end. Establish the rules for ending your cooperation in software development outsourcing, to part as friends and leave an open window of opportunity for new interactions.

Our recommendations are based on our experience to ensure clear and effective cooperation with our clients.

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