How to work with a outsourcing partner

Outsourcing team meeting

Outsourcing software development. How to work with a partner.

Companies avoid outsourcing software development because of the lack of experience in interacting with a third-party company, fear of losing control over the project, and possible communication problems. But software development outsourcing compensates the lack of own resources, saves money on hiring and adaptation, and allows companies to focus on regular work and tasks.

In our previous post we wrote about preparing for partnership with an outsourcing partner. Today we will give you some recommendations to help you to be sure that your external team is going in the right direction, and that software development outsourcing is paying off.

  1. Project transparency and openness. Development companies use custom solutions to manage the project, so:
    • get access to this system to analyze information about the project’s task statuses;
    • ask the developing company to set up reports that will help you receive project data autonomously.
  2. Actively participate in the project. Join team meetings, video conferences and standups so you can not only see the numbers, but also know what the challenges and options are.
  3. Monitor performance indicators:
    • punctuality;
    • responsiveness;
    • average number of errors;
    • task completion speed.

Additionally, pay attention to qualitative metrics. Primarily on communication with the development team:

  • prompt answers to messages;
  • responsiveness to problems and requests for changes;
  • behavior and reactions to conflict situations.

The listed tips and metrics will help keep your finger on the pulse and make sure the team’s work is transparent and under control.

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