Epol Soft presents the project “Development of an educational platform”


As part of the State Program “Digital Development of Belarus” for 2021-2025, Epol Soft is developing an educational platform, the main goal of which is to increase the digital competence of the population.

The development of the educational platform will help employees and applicants to adapt to the new conditions of the labor market and the employer requirements.

In the modern world, the focus of employers’ attention is gradually shifting from formal education and qualifications towards the competencies of employees, which requires continuous education and self-learning.

The educational process which involves attending lectures and classes does not always correspond to new trends. Therefore, online courses have become increasingly popular, and they have become the beginning of the development of educational platforms. They offer a more flexible and personalized approach to learning, as they:

  • do not require personal attendance;
  • provide the opportunity to study at a convenient time;
  • include various forms of classes: video materials, training simulators and simulators, online consultations with teachers;
  • can be quickly adapted to new requirements: online course materials can be changed and supplemented at any time, and the student can study new materials at any stage of training.

In addition, most employers require candidates to have skills in working with software, ranging from office applications to specific industry-specific systems. The online courses of the educational platform will include specialized lessons on working with such software.

The development of the educational platform will help achieve these goals by simplifying the interaction between creators of educational content, learners and organizations in need of analyzing and improving employee competencies:

  • authors of educational materials will have easy access to tools for creating and posting educational courses, electronic textbooks, video lessons;
  • users will have access to a convenient way to acquire new knowledge and analyze competencies;
  • enterprises and organizations will be able to accurately analyze the competencies of employees, monitor the progress of the educational process and plan the development and training of employees, place orders for the creation of educational content.

Platform capabilities:

  1. Creation of a personal profile and learning path:
    • information about interests;
    • data on the level of knowledge;
    • learning objectives;
    • recommendations on training areas.
  2. Assessment of the level of competencies.
  3. Passing and organizing training:
    • class schedule;
    • assignments;
    • educational process monitoring.
  4. Creating educational content:
    • lessons, courses;
    • audio, video, text format;
    • knowledge control system.

The development of the educational platform will allow one to:

  1. Increase the availability of education – materials can be studied at any time, from any place and any device.
  2. Ensure the implementation of an individual approach to learning. The system can offer tasks and materials that correspond to the individual needs of each listener and the current level of knowledge.
  3. Collect and analyze data on the learning process, which will be used to optimize the process and adapt to the needs of users.

Digital education is an innovative tool that can make employees more competent and competitive in the labor market.

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