Hybrid work format. First impressions.

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Hybrid work format. First impressions of our team!

During the pandemic almost all software development companies have experienced the benefits of remote working, yet still live team communication is a great motivator and energizer. Epol Soft found the golden ratio and switched to hybrid work format a few months ago.

Several employees of Epol Soft software development company shared their first impressions. The most interesting opinions from our perspective are posted below! Author’s style preserved!

  1. More flexibility and freedom. You choose which days to go to the office, which days to stay home.
  2. In general I like alternating between home and office working. When you work in a hybrid form, you alternate the pros and cons of working at home and in the office. And it brings variety to the work process, which is definitely a plus.
  3. When traveling to another city for a short period of time it’s possible to work from there.
  4. I, as a person who does not like to cook, gladly use Lunch Tool in the office, as ordering lunch at the apartment through Lunch Tool is not possible.
  5. For the last year or two I have been renovating my apartment, buying furniture and household appliances. It was easier to make appointments for delivery and get the goods delivered when I worked at home.
  6. Working in a “3 days from home, 2 days in the office” format allows me to get social interaction with my colleagues, which I think I lacked when working completely remotely.
  7. There are no distractions in the office for small things like putting in the laundry, making dinner, or talking to relatives. For people with families, I think this is relevant.
  8. Constantly sitting at home and working is boring too. Going to the office adds variety to the work week.
  9. The one hour that an employee spends to get to work, they can spend on their own business, training, or rest.

The new experience appealed to our employees. Many software companies are taking a similar approach to organizing a comfortable and productive workplace. Want to share your experience? Subscribe to our social networks and share your impressions.

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