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Sharing our experiences! Company employee assessment.

Today we decided to tell you how we monitor and manage employee development in our company.

Twice a year we conduct an “Assessment” – a regular evaluation of our employees with the help of a special solution developed by our company. Everything is done in a few steps:

  1. The employee independently evaluates their competencies within the scope of the position, e.g. in different sections:
    • knowledge and professional skills;
    • customer requirements management;
    • cooperation skills;
    • customer focus;
    • acquisition and transfer of knowledge and experience;
    • level of responsibility;
    • timeliness and flexibility.
  2. The supervisor evaluates the results of work and discusses the results with the employee.
  3. A decision is made to move the employee to the next position and/or to devise a list of development goals, or to schedule an additional meeting.

When evaluating employees, processing and analyzing the results, we use our own built-in job profiles, indicator evaluation system and report generation tools.

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