The environmental monitoring system from Epol Soft

Environment monitoring system

Welcoming the environmental monitoring system from Epol Soft.

As part of the “Digital Development of Belarus for 2021-2025” program, the company developed a project to develop software for remote environmental monitoring and presented it at the TIBO exhibition.

The project envisages the integration of information resources, as well as creation of tools for:

  • collection;
  • processing;
  • storage;
  • analysis of data on the state of the environment.

Implementing software for remote monitoring will allow to:

  • obtain real-time data and monitor critical changes in atmospheric air and environmental parameters;
  • categorize data in the context of settlements, individual points of observation, sources of pollutant emissions;
  • provide access to historical and current environmental data to government organizations and businesses.

As a result people will have a source of data on the state of the environment, as well as the ability to prevent air quality deterioration. Businesses and the state will have access to the information for planning the development of social and economic infrastructure.

Similar remote monitoring software can be used locally to monitor and control the environment of an office, manufacturing and warehouse facilities. To learn more, write to

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