MedTech software development

Medical software development

Medical software development.

The MedTech industry, also known as medical software development and equipment manufacturing, is one of the world leaders in the number of patent applications. According to experts’ estimates, by 2025 the volume of this market could reach 175 billion dollars per year.

Telemedicine, predictive analytics, medical software with artificial intelligence technologies, and mobile applications increase the speed of service delivery and diagnostic accuracy, also help personalize treatment and rehabilitation.

One of the challenges medical software development must address is collecting and processing data from devices to reduce the amount of routine medical work and decrease the influence of human factors on the decisions.

Epol Soft has experience in creating and developing systems for data collection and processing. One of the current projects is supporting a system for diagnostics of hearing, vision and speech disorders in children and adults.

The system complements the functionality of the equipment for analyzing hearing disorders. The device generates an audio track for the patient, and the software:

  • analyzes the patient’s response;
  • presents the data in a readable format;
  • stores the data for analysis at various stages of implementation.

The equipment and solution can be used in clinics, hospitals, as well as educational organizations for the prevention of hearing disorders in students.

Medical software development is one of the activities of Epol Soft. Other projects in the MedTech area include:

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