Key IT trends in 2023

Trends in IT

Gartner identified key IT trends in 2023.

Predicting is a thankless task, but let’s look into the future based on the conclusions of experts of the American research company Gartner. At the beginning of December researchers identified 6 key IT-trends in 2023 which companies should take into account.

  1. Secure access gateway services, which implies acquiring network security tools and technologies in a set of cloud services from one provider. This will add flexibility, reduce the cost of protecting against cyber threats, and accelerate user access to external and internal resources.
  2. Sustainable technology. Companies are increasing investments in sustainability and choose to use materials and services that reduce environmental impact. This trend will also affect the IT field from increasing the sustainability of data centers and cloud computing to the introduction of a closed-loop economy in IT.
  3. Platform engineering. Consistent use of tools for software resource management, software performance monitoring, digital experience monitoring and digital platform management will help improve flexibility, efficiency and security in the use of IT resources.
  4. Innovation in wireless technology. Companies will combine different types of wireless communications such as 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth to optimize business processes.
  5. Industry cloud platforms. Company experts believe that by 2027 over 50% of companies will use cloud solutions for business process management instead of locally installed systems.
  6. Competitions for skills. Accelerating implementation of digital technology requires knowledge and competence in the fields of automation, cloud computing development and analytics, for which there will be a fierce competition.

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