Software development outsourcing. No need to be afraid!

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IT outsourcing. No need to be afraid!

Companies avoid outsourcing software development tasks due to:

  • doubts about the qualifications of the staff;
  • lack of experience in working with third-party teams;
  • fear of losing control over the project;
  • possible problems with communication.

On the other hand, cooperation with an experienced outsourcer will reduce hiring and speed up the project.

Epol Soft has implemented several projects for clients who had no experience of working with external teams. In order to minimize the client’s risks during software development and to ensure productive interaction, for each IT-outsourcing project the company along with the client develops a system of interaction and work results evaluation. This is a set of KPIs, which reflect:

  • Quality of the employee’s work and compliance with their competencies;
  • Level of work results presentation;
  • Verbal and written communication productivity;
  • Quality of work planning.

For each software development project the list is extended with parameters which are important for the particular client.

After receiving feedback from the client we perform the following steps:

  • Analysis of KPI indicators of both individual employees and the team;
  • Corrective actions;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of corrective actions.

The system makes each IT outsourcing project manageable for the client, evaluates and helps find ways to improve process efficiency.

Want to speed up a project without finding and hiring new employees?

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