“Smart City” platform


Development of the “Smart City” platform concept started in Belarus.

At the TIBO-2022 forum Epol Soft revealted its plans to develop the concept of a Smart City digital platform template, which is being implemented under an agreement with the Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus.

Smart City platform concept will be the first step in achieving the goals of city digital development and combining the existing and prospective services and solutions.

Implementation of the smart city platform in the future will allow to:

  • introduce digital technologies in regional management, reduce the amount of paperwork, speed up administrative procedures;
  • expand the availability and list of digital services for citizens and businesses;
  • provide centralized access to Big Data.

Epol Soft has experience in designing and implementing complex information systems for government and business, including smart cities.

If your city/country is planning to implement such solutions, we will be happy to share our experience in developing smart city solutions. Write to Volha.hancharyk@epolsoft.com.

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