5G. Let’s see exactly why it’s awesome!


Ever heard of 5G? Let’s see exactly why it’s awesome!

Almost everyone has heard about the new 5th generation of mobile communications and has seen the data about its benefits. Today will tell you how regular users can experience these benefits via telecommunications software:

  1. Non-stop video streaming. Video stoppages occur because the data needed for viewing doesn’t load on time. One solution is to increase streaming speed. In 5G networks, it’s dozens of times faster.
  2. Remote equipment control. A few years ago a Chinese surgeon performed the world’s first remote surgery on a patient who was 3,000 km away using 5G technology and telecommunications software. Very low signal delay made it possible for the equipment to respond instantly to the surgeon’s commands.
  3. User mobility. The speed at which a client with 5G equipment can move without signal loss is up to 500 km/h! This makes it possible to use mobile communication services in express trains.

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