TOP world’s smartest cities.

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TOP world’s smartest cities.

By the estimates over 1,000 cities around the world are implementing or already using Smart City applications. Based on the results of surveys of residents, Smart City Index publishes a ranking of the smartest cities in the world. At the end of 2021, top 3 of them included:

  • Singapore;
  • Zurich;
  • Oslo.

With this post we start a series of publications about the smartest cities, in which we will tell what problems digital platforms help to solve.

Today, a few facts about the smartest city on the planet: Singapore.

Singapore has almost 6 million people, and one of the problems of the city-state is traffic jams. One way to solve it is to automate traffic control – sensors analyze traffic congestion and redirect traffic flows using the Smart City app.

With the Smart City app volunteer medics can find out where help is needed, while elderly residents carry a personal “button” to call for help. This speeds up help for medical emergencies.

The lampposts are also full of various sensors. They measure air quality, water levels, precipitation, and identify people by their facial expressions. A large stream of data is analyzed by a neural network.

A similar project has been implemented in Tilburg, The Netherlands. The system collects data on water and air quality, including levels of CO2, NO2, O3, humidity, noise, temperature and pressure. The data is stored in the cloud and displayed using the Smart City app. The information helps the city council maintain a comfortable urban environment.

Epol Soft was involved in the development of the Smart City software for the city of Tilburg.

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