Custom software development or premade solution?


Software development or premade solution?

Companies who plan to automate their business processes consider two options: buying a premade replication solution or ordering custom software development. Usually they compare the prices of both options.

This approach works when the goal is to automate legally regulated processes or implement a sector-specific ERP-system. In other situations, there are several other factors worth paying attention to.

Firstly, custom software development implies maximum compliance with the business processes of the company. For a premade solution to replicate the principles of work, it must be adapted to them, which means additional costs and difficulties with updating. Another option is to adjust the work processes to the program.

Secondly, the introduction of custom software is less expensive, while the premade solution will require a long time and big financial investments for setting up and mastering the program and training the staff.

Thirdly, implementing a custom solution causes less resistance of employees, as it practically does not require changing established rules and principles of work. The more employees are involved in the transition to new software, the greater the resistance is.

Besides, premade solutions contain excessive functionality, which companies pay for, while the question of its usefulness remains open.

The above factors do not reflect all the nuances faced by companies that make the decision to automate business processes, but they are typical for most situations.

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