COFE 3.0 to assist you

COFE 3.0 will help managers and salespeople of IT outsourcing companies!

How do resource managers get data about available resources and competencies? In most companies they use Excel spreadsheets and Google docs, constantly having calls and surveys for managers and employees.

This procedure is inconvenient and time-consuming. IT company management solutions can speed up the process, but their functionality is usually redundant and the purchase is not always justified.

To speed up the work, Epol Soft staff collected the requirements of the stakeholders:

  • project managers;
  • resource manager;
  • sales specialists.

Then they developed the Competence of Employee program (a.k.a. COFE TOOL) which streamlines IT company management and promptly provides information on available resources and competencies.

How does COFE TOOL work?

  1. Employees or managers enter and update information on competencies: proficiency levels in programming languages and technologies, foreign languages, readiness to travel or relocate.
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  3. Resource managers, sales specialists and project managers input the criteria in COFE 3.0 TOOL and receive a list of available employees with the required competencies.
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  5. They export the data into Excel spreadsheets so they can provide it to their partners in a convenient form, and also export employees’ resumes for review.

No calls, surveys or waiting for information from colleagues!

COFE 3.0 TOOL contains additional IT resource management tools to:

  • simplify competency assessments via a built-in assessment system;
  • summarizes the company’s competence level in different technologies and programming languages;
  • allows to set roles and rights of users for editing and access to data.

Epol Soft has been improving COFE TOOL and adding new features for several years, and is now ready to provide it to other companies!!

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Connect, input and export data and simplify IT team management.

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