How Smart parking solves the problem of parking spaces.

Smart parking

The search for free parking spots is a problem in all big cities. According to a study conducted by IBM, about 30% of urban traffic is caused by drivers looking for a place to park.

This problem is not only typical for cities but also for:

  • shopping and business centers;
  • entertainment and sports complexes;
  • airports and train stations.

In the US, drivers spend more than 17 hours a year searching for a free parking space, and 2/3 of shopping center customers are willing to go to another store after 20 minutes of searching.

Increasing the number of parking spaces will not solve the situation since drivers will also spend time and fuel looking for available spots. We need systems that include monitoring, analytical and communication tools for drivers – Smart parking.

Smart parking solutions are one of the main services of smart cities that create a comfortable urban environment. In San Francisco, for example, the system reduced:

  • the time spent searching for free parking spots by 43%;
  • the distance traveled by vehicles to the nearest parking spot by 30%;
  • greenhouse gas emissions related to driving to parking spots by 30%.

In addition, Smart parking solutions help:

  • optimize traffic flow;
  • reduce the number of traffic violations related to improper parking;
  • decrease accidents.

Epol Soft develops solutions for smart cities, including parking software that uses data collection and processing about available of parking spaces. You can find more information about the program here.

Urban population is rapidly growing and increasing the load on urban infrastructure. Smart parking solutions will help make cities more comfortable and sustainable.

Do you need parking management software? Describe your vision, goals, and tasks in a checklist. We will find the optimal solution!

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