RVI as an alternative to specialists and clients visits

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Companies are constantly looking for reserves to reduce costs and optimize specialists’ work. For one of the clients, a telecommunication company, Epol Soft has developed remote video inspection system, which allows to reduce or avoid costly on-site visits to mobile communication equipment locations.

How does the remote inspection system work?

The program consists of:

  • Mobile application installed on the service engineer’s phone or tablet;
  • Manager’s desktop application.

You can initiate video calls to monitor the work performed or consult online without limits. The remote verification system supports high quality pictures, which are superior to the picture quality of conventional applications.

How can we be sure that the service engineers did their work on the specified site?

The solution allows to:

  • Fetch GPS-coordinates of the place of work performance;
  • Store data about the time of the work performance.

How can I confirm that the work is complete?

The solution allows to:

  • Make video recordings and photos of the process of work performance;
  • Store data that confirms the fact of maintenance or repair of equipment.

RVI system of remote checking also helps optimize expenses of the companies that:

  • Maintain climatic, electrical, commercial equipment, video surveillance systems;
  • Use devices that need periodic inspection. The owner can initiate a call during which the specialist will examine the equipment and provide recommendations for maintenance. In this way, you can reduce the number of visits their cost.
  • Regularly inform customers about the progress of work on construction sites. Such approach is convenient to the client, because it allows to control the process at any time and compare the results with the previous ones. It also reduces the number of visits.

The main advantage of RVI is the reduction of time and material expenses associated with trips to remote sites. The solution complements the system of planning and management of equipment maintenance.

Interested? You can request more info at Volha@hancharyk@epolsoft.com.

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