Program for personnel testing. System features

Personnel testing program

The software development company “Epol Soft” has created a solution for periodic analysis of employee competencies. The solution allows for evaluating the employee’s compliance with the position, their competencies in various areas, generating analytical data to create a specialist development plan based on the collected dat

How the solution works

  1. The specialist independently assesses their competencies in several areas:
    • Competencies and skills;
    • Management of external and internal customer requirements;
    • Collaboration skills;
    • Customer orientation;
    • Acquisition and exchange of knowledge and experience;
    • Responsibility;
    • Timeliness and flexibility.
  2. The manager evaluates the results and discusses them together with the employee. This interview may lead to a promotion, creating a list of development goals or another interview.

Advantages of the solution:

  1. Flexible configuration. The personnel testing program allows for easy configuration of job profiles, which enables including industry-specific features and company development goals.
  2. Multi-level evaluation of employee competencies. The program enables evaluating specialists from different angles: the employee themselves, coworkers, immediate supervisor. This provides a complete picture of personnel competencies.
  3. Analytics. The tool provides data that can be used to identify trends and patterns in the dynamics of competency growth. This can be useful for identifying areas where additional training or instruction may be required.
  4. Integration. The tool can interact with other personnel management systems such as performance or training management systems. This can ensure a more rational and efficient personnel management process.
  5. Continuous improvement. The tool can be used as part of the continuous improvement process, where feedback is used to refine and improve the assessment process over time.

Experience in implementing the program.

The personnel testing program is used in IT companies and manufacturing enterprises. The implementation of the system in the manufacturing sector has allowed for:

  • Formation of personnel reserve to meet the need for middle and senior-level managers;
  • Reduction of costs for search and adaptation thanks to internal sources: in 2022, 18% of open vacancies were filled by internal transfers;
  • Competency evaluation motivates development: 313 people were trained in 2022, which led to competency growth;
  • Optimization of personnel development costs: the majority of specialists who undergo training remain in the company.

Users note the program’s simple and intuitive interface, which allows for quick implementation of the solution with minimal training and system familiarization.

You can receive a demonstration of the program by filling out our contact form on the website.

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