Competence of Employee Competence of Employee (COFE 3.0 TOOL) is a software for managing an IT company or a dedicated team and filtering available specialists among employees of your company based on:

  • knowledge level of programming language or technology;
  • proficiency level in a foreign language;
  • department;
  • relocation possibilities.

In addition, the IT team management software provides:

  • built-in competency assessment system;
  • tools for analyzing company competencies;
  • user rights differentiation;
  • data export to Excel.

How this works:

  1. Create or edit employee profiles with competencies and readiness for relocation.
  2. Form a search request for human resources specifying the necessary competences.
  3. Export the data about available specialists and their resumes to an Excel table.

To access a test version of the software for managing an IT company, contact