TOP Telecommunications Startups 2023

Telecom startups 2023

StartUs Insights Discovery, using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, collects data and monitors startups around the world. In 2023, the company identified over 1,700 telecommunications startups and highlighted 10 that it recommends closely following. Although the sample is limited, it allows for conclusions to be drawn about where new solutions are being created, what technologies are being used, and for what tasks new products are being developed.


All startups identified by StartUs Insights Discovery are based in either North America or Western Europe. Among the selected startups, the majority are from the United Kingdom (3), with 2 companies from the United States, and 1 each from Italy, Canada, Norway, Germany, and Denmark.

What tools do the companies work with?

  • Signal violation detection.
  • Deployment of 5G networks.
  • Recovery of telecommunications assets.
  • Device security.
  • Network traffic analysis.
  • Quantum key distribution in telecommunications (QKD).
  • Low-latency connectivity.
  • Telecommunications infrastructure analytics.
  • Procurement of telecommunications services.
  • Connection management.

What technologies do the startups use?

The vast majority of solutions utilize at least one of the following technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Big Data.
  • Cloud systems.

What are the solutions for?

A significant portion of the products are oriented towards LTE and 5G networks.

Solution Descriptions

SecurityGen develops telecommunications software for proactive security assessment of telecommunications networks. This software models hacking and attacks to select tools for countermeasures. The platform enables the creation and scaling of network operations in 5G networks. In 2023, Rocco Vendor Innovators, a leading publication in the telecommunications industry, included SecurityGen in its “Top 10 Providers for 2023.” This information helps operators make security-related decisions.

Inorsa automates the process of analyzing project documentation, including checking for errors, creating drawings, and ensuring the quality and compliance of documentation with standards. The company, established in 2022, has already won several awards at international exhibitions.

RECOVAR develops telecommunications software for asset recovery in the telecommunications industry. The software includes a web panel indicating the location of reserves and a mobile application that simplifies equipment inventory management. The solution also includes tools for optimizing the work of service engineers, such as generating instructions, recording notes, maintaining a log of checks, and capturing and storing images and signatures required for inspections.

OneLayer creates solutions for the security of LTE and 5G networks. The platform provides visibility of all connected devices, displays their types, indicates their location, and provides information about their status and vulnerabilities. It helps detect anomalous behavior, authenticate devices, and facilitate the rapid connection of new devices. In August 2023, the company launched a cybersecurity hotline to assist customers in finding solutions promptly when they need help.

Net AI develops telecommunications software for traffic decomposition based on artificial intelligence to assess the demand for telecommunications services and segment traffic. The system helps mobile operators optimize costs for telecommunications networks.

Telecom startups

Example of traffic decomposition (Net AI company website)

QTI develops telecommunications software for detecting eavesdropping on communication channels, ensuring the security of data centers, and protecting medical and banking information.

Lantence Technologies is a Canadian startup that develops cloud solutions to guarantee low-latency signals for industrial equipment and robots.

Shapemaker is a Norwegian startup that creates software for:

  • Engineering analysis of telecommunications infrastructure, including parametric modeling, geotechnologies, structural design, remote wind sensing, and terrain data.
  • Structural analysis and design of tower structures, foundations, monopole structures, support brackets, and antenna support structures.
Telecom startups

Example of proposal analysis (from Ynertia website)

Ynertia develops a platform for procuring telecommunications services. The platform allows for bidding and receiving individual offers, monitoring quotations for telecommunications services, and tracking changes in demand and supply for telecommunications services.

Cobira creates a connection management platform that provides real-time visibility and control of SIM card inventory. The platform enables the configuration and provision of SIM cards and connectivity services according to different scenarios. Additionally, it includes monitoring and automation tools, an expandable architecture, and reduces the complexity of mobile networks and telecommunications agreements.

Based on the data, it can be concluded that the most significant attention falls on the security of telecommunications networks, the quality of communication services, and the optimization of infrastructure deployment and operations.

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