What will Belarusian smart cities be like?

Smart City

The development of the Smart City platform has started in Belarus. The platform will integrate services for creating a comfortable urban environment and efficient infrastructure management. Epol Soft is carrying out the project.

In previous articles, we wrote about different services from similar smart city solutions in European and Asian countries. Today, we will explain why Smart City platform is developed in the Republic of Belarus and how it will function.

What is the Smart City platform?

It is a system of software solutions, information, and communication systems for data collection and processing, aimed at:

  • simplifying urban management;
  • making the city more comfortable and safer for residents;
  • providing access to information for city residents and businesses;
  • facilitating the interaction between businesses, residents, and government agencies and institutions.

How will the system work?

From a functional point of view, the Smart City platform is a unified center for data collection and processing, which helps make decisions regarding city management.

What is the purpose of creating the system?

The key objectives of creating and developing the platform are:

  • establishing a single point of access to information;
  • integrating the elements of the smart urban infrastructure;
  • automating and increasing the efficiency of urban environmental management processes;
  • ensuring transparency and reducing costs for interactions between government organizations, businesses, and residents.

What services will be available after the launch?

The Smart City platform will include a set of services and applications for:

  • providing information and analytical support to local authorities. The solution will provide collected and processed data for analysis and making important decisions in urban management.
  • remote interaction with government agencies. City residents will be able to interact with government organizations such as healthcare and educational institutions, the public transportation system.
  • efficient use of urban space. The Smart City platform will help optimize the use of urban infrastructure.
  • tourist services. The system will provide information about tourist attractions, routes, events, and other services that will help attract tourists and make visiting the city more convenient.
  • business services. Entrepreneurs will have access to information and services that will help them conduct their business.
  • mapping services for displaying information about available services and applications. The Smart City platform will provide cartographic information to facilitate the search for necessary services and places for city residents and businesses.

Expected implementation results.

The Smart City platform will provide:

  • integration of existing and prospective “smart solutions” (national, sectoral, regional) within city and regional boundaries;
  • digitization of regional management, ensuring the automation of related processes and improving the efficiency of problem-solving in various sectors of the city’s socio-economic sphere;
  • provision of digital services and solutions to create a comfortable living and working environment: addressing issues of security, transportation, ecology, housing and communal services, energy, social services, healthcare, and education.

The solution will create conditions for improving the urban environment. The system will provide a multitude of services and applications that will make the city more comfortable, safe, and efficiently managed.

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