The environmental monitoring system in Belarus has begun its experimental operation stage


In the spring of 2023, experimental operation of the Republican automated environmental monitoring system which uses IoT concept began in the Republic of Belarus. The software for collecting and processing data was created by Epol Soft LLC.

The system collects data from 69 stationary and mobile observation points located in cities, industrial enterprises and rural areas, and transmits it to a single processing and storage center using public, local, and fixed communication networks.

In addition to data collection, the new system performs the following tasks:

  • Information storage;
  • Data editing;
  • Data processing, analysis, and visualization.

The main advantage of the new system is the collection and real-time analysis of data on air quality, precipitation volume and snow cover level.

Thanks to the acquisition of fresh and sufficient complete data, the data collection and processing software allows to visualize information in several dimensions:

  • Administrative boundaries;
  • Hydrography;
  • Road network;
  • Air quality data;
  • Precipitation volume data;
  • Snow cover data.

Having data in a convenient format for analysis allows for:

  • Provision of fresh weather data to interested individuals and companies in agriculture, air navigation, and manufacturing enterprises;
  • Prevention of negative consequences of natural disasters and deterioration of the environment through early warning;
  • Obtaining reliable and up-to-date weather data for weather forecasting.

The data collection and processing software creates conditions for the development of a green economy, which is aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources and minimizing harm to the environment. In particular, the national plan for the development of the “green economy” includes:

  • Development of organic production;
  • Formation of smart and energy-efficient cities;
  • Mitigation of the consequences and adaptation to climate change.

The listed measures require the availability of tools for collecting and processing data on the state and dynamics of changes in the environment. Additional information about the system is available in our Internet of Things section.

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