Not just Coca-Cola or General Electric! How small and medium-sized businesses use ready-made IoT platforms.


In one of our previous articles, we discussed the benefits of using a ready-made IoT platform and developing Internet of Things solutions. There is a stereotype that IoT platforms are tools used only by large companies that have the resources to set up and launch projects. However, there are enough examples of startups and emerging companies using ready-made IoT software to create solutions for smart homes, utilities, tourism, and meteorology.

Successful examples of using ready-made IoT software.

  1. Irrigation systems.

    A garden sprinkler system manufacturer uses an AWS IoT platform to connect controllers and gather information about current conditions and weather, allowing for planning and managing irrigation systems.

  2. Smart home systems.

    A waste management equipment manufacturer utilizes the IBM Watson IoT platform to collect data from sensors installed on trash bins. This allows for real-time waste level monitoring, optimizing waste collection routes, and saving resources for waste disposal companies.

  3. Utilities.

    Производитель оборудования для управления отходами использует платформу IBM Watson IoT для сбора данных с датчиков, установленных на мусорных баках. Что позволяет отслеживать уровни отходов в режиме реального времени, оптимизировать маршруты сбора отходов и экономить ресурсы компаний, занимающихся вывозом мусора.

  4. Weather monitoring.

    A small company that monitors air quality uses the IoT platform provided by Microsoft Azure IoT to collect data from various sensors and sources, including weather stations and satellite data. Their IoT platform processes real-time data and provides air quality information and forecasts to residents, commercial structures, and government agencies.

  5. Hospitality industry.

    A startup uses the AWS IoT platform to connect their smart devices in hotel rooms, such as thermostats, door locks, and presence sensors. The IoT platform allows hotel operators to monitor and track room conditions, improve energy efficiency, and enhance guest service quality.

Why do companies prefer to choose ready-made IoT software,

IoT ANALYTICS has lokked through over 300 industrial IoT implementation projects and come to the following conclusions:

During the initial stages of operation, there is rarely a need for custom functionality. Therefore, IoT development is less justified, and standard tools fulfill the company’s needs. Additionally there are the following advantages available:

  • Companies with limited budgets can afford to purchase ready-made solutions.
  • Swift system implementation.
  • Shorter time to break-even point for the project (around 12 months compared to around 20 months for other approaches).
  • No need to maintain a dedicated support team.

IoT development, on the other hand, involves:

  • High development costs.
  • Risk of unforeseen expenses.
  • Longer return on investment periods.

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