Complicated made easy : how Internet of Things works


Complicated made easy : how Internet of Things works.

In our previous articles we have covered our use of Internet of Things to develop data collection systems for environmental monitoring, “smart cities” and medicine. Today we will tell you what components Internet of Things is made of and what role each of them plays.

Internet of Things includes four components: sensors, data network, information processing tools and user interface.

  1. Internet of Things sensors collect information about the state of the environment and objects, such as changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, position.
  2. Data network sends the indicators for further processing. The data can be sent via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, satellite or cellular communications.
  3. Information processing tools include the software that analyzes the information and the dynamics of parameter changes.
  4. User interface provides data in a convenient form: e-mail and app notifications, graphs in monitoring systems.

Internet of Things “looks” at the environment or remote objects with the help of sensors: temperature, humidity, movement, pressure, etc, and then remotely observes and analyzes changes that are difficult to determine with other instruments.

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