How to readjust to work?

Работа после праздников

How does one readjust to work after holidays??

The first working days after a series of holidays and weekends are a challenge for most people. Not everyone manages to instantly readjust and fit into the work process, and overwork provokes burnout and exhaustion.

How can you set yourself up for work after the holidays and weekends? Let’s share some useful tips!

  1. No need to rush! Adaptation after a long holiday can stretch for 3-5 days. So do not take on difficult issues during these days. Start with useful things that require fewer resources: sort through your mail, restore contacts and make appointments.
  2. Talk to your colleagues. Remembering and discussing interesting moments helps enjoy them anew, be a part of the team and strengthen your social ties.
  3. Create motivation for yourself. What pleasures can you afford after completing a task or finishing a day’s work? For example, a lunch at an interesting place with your colleagues or evening shopping.
  4. Change the wording. “Have to” and “must” creates a feeling of compulsion and following someone else’s instructions. Use “want”, it’s easier to work on your own!
  5. Designate value. Performing work tasks comes with a price: time and effort spent, material values, recognition and experience received. Consider the value of what you get in return. For example, a successfully completed project guarantees:
    • new experience, through which you will become more valuable in the job market;
    • new financial opportunities, thanks to which you can go on a trip or afford a long-awaited purchase.

How do you tune in to work after the holidays? Share your ideas in the comments on our social media account!

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