Field: Telecommunications

Duration: 05.2009 – present

Hours spent: 381 000+ hours

Technologies and tools: Java (J2SE, JEE), Python, IMS, PSTN, PBX, SS7, ISDN, TUP/DUP, CAMEL, ISUP, TCAP, INAP, MAP, LDAP, TCP, IP, SIP, UDP, RTP, 2G, 3G, SS7, Junit, PowerMock, Mockito, SonarQube, Radius/ Diameter, TTCN-3, Hudson, Jenkins, Verum ASD, Slamd, Git, Maven, Ant, Bash, Perl, ESXi, VmWare, Swing, Jubula, Weblogic 11g, MySQL, DAO, JSP, Struts.

VPN is a secure, effective and cheap way compared to other solutions for companies to organize and control their own private networks. When a company uses VPN, it allows them to give remote employees access to internal applications and data, to create a single shared network between multiple locations, to manage different user access rights.

Epol Soft has developed multiple solutions centering around Virtual Private Network for a leading Telecommunication Solution company in the Netherlands. The projects included:

VPN-IMS Gateway (VPN-IMS-GW), a business community-oriented tool that improved the Client’s comminucation system by enabling VPN features to the users connected to the IMS network. The application acts as a gateway between the SIP based and CAMEL based application servers. IMS-SSF application ensures that SIP messages are converted to the corresponding CAP messages and vice versa.

vVPN, a tool that allowed the users to launch VPN connection on virtual machines. The project represents a set of scripts used to prepare, run and configure a virtual environment on the customer site to run the VPN application the same way as it is done on real hardware.

Next Generation Provisioning (NGP), a feature for VPN that provided advanced provisioning and data mining possibilities. The goal of the project was to free the server resources by transferring the data processing unit to a separate node. The unit included data processing logic and the data itself. Thus after the transfer other services can access the data without the participation of the main unit, making it easier and faster. Security and rights distribution for different users also improved.

VPN Manager, a tool that made VPN management easier for network admins by providing a Graphical User Interface for handling the VPN data.

We have worked with the Client since 2009. Throughout all these years we have made further advancements to the VPN projects and have managed their growth maintenance.

“We like the ideas and product improvements Epol Soft brought up. The communication and information on new candidate features for the roadmaps is done well. The previous highlighted ideas resulted in an attractive roadmap which is perceived very well by our customers. Let’s continue this way of working on deliveries with high quality, flexibility and focus on the costs”