Client: Data Computing Center of the Ministry of Finance, Belarus
Scope: Portal solutions
Technologies:  Java, JS, Spring Portlets, Oracle DB, Kendo UI
Duration of the project: 6 month


Before the project was implemented, the information about the Belarusian financial market was miscellaneous and available on different resources, which, in their turn, belonged to the organizations, involved into the financial market. In some cases, the information was also accessible via automated WEB-services, but there was not a single aggregator and repository. Nowise, the situation facilitated a full and quick search of necessary data.

In order to present the financial information to general public, improve the search of financial information in the database, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus announced a tender for the project “UPFM”.

The project “Unified Portal for Financial Market” was successfully completed at a stated time. The customer received an efficient instrument for information layout that allows centralized providing and classifying the data of the financial market, as well as carrying out the search according to simplified criteria. It also gives the third parties an access to necessary information.