Smart Parking / Smart Marine

Fields: #IoT, #Internet of Things

Client: #own product

Technologies and tools: #Java, #Python, #Neural Network, #Tensorflow/Machine learning, #Spring Boot, #Angular, #Bootstrap, #Docker, #MongoDB, #Android.

Smart Parking is an application that helps parking lots simplify parking management, and allows drivers to find quickly a parking space for their cars.

Our application works on any device connected to the Internet – smartphone, tablet, computer, even smart TV. The neural network and artificial intelligence algorithms recognize free spaces and allow drivers to plan their routes to the chosen parking spots without difficulty.

Our application is convenient for public or private parking lots in a city, a shopping center, an office, or a residential area. We have also developed a Smart Marine version to manage ship parking in ports.

Smart Parking is characterized by:

  • a user-friendly and time-saving system;
  • reduction in the need for parking service personnel;
  • ease of control over parking lot filling;
  • minimal equipment costs;
  • environmental improvement by reducing exhaust emissions.