Smart Tilburg (Smart City) / Smart Parking

Fields:  IOT

Duration: Smart Parking – 10.2018 – 12.2019
Smart Tilburg 03.2018 по 06.2018

Hours spent:  430+

Technologies and tools: Java SE, EclipseLink, MySQL, Customized SensbySigma framework, REST, NodeJS, REST, Docker, HTML\CSS, Freeboard, nginx, Docker, Angular 4, Typescript, Bootstrap, jQuery, NN.

In the Dutch city of Tilburg, waters were suffering from a bad condition which at times made them unsafe to swim in. The municipality therefore hoped to automate monitoring of water conditions and additional measures, in order to regulate water quality

Epol Soft has developed a Smart City System, which is currently being used in the city’s Piushaven area. It connects with sensors monitoring water and air quality, noise level, barometric pressure, CO2, humidity, NO2, O3, air particles level, air temperature, conductivity, pH, water temperature, Wi-Fi signal strength, Wi-Fi enabled devices, Wi-Fi range and other parameters. It also automatically initiates special device-level measures when certain parameters reach a critical level. A web-based dashboard and android application allow users to see each parameter on the map of their device screens.

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Finding available parking spaces manually in crowded locations is time and fuel-consuming for drivers, especially in big places with several parking lots. This is why many malls, office centers, hotels, airports nowadays implement smart parking systems.

Smart parking is a web application for monitoring parking space which allows users to see the locations and numbers of available parking lots on their device screens via the Internet. The working principle is based on the image recognition obtained from CCTV cameras by using a neural network and artificial intelligence algorithms. Thus using Smart parking people can easily see free parking spaces without wasting their time on searching manually. Additionally, camera recognition improves the security of the lot and allows for better visit analysis.

Smart parking was part of several trade shows in Barcelona, The Arabic Emirates, Russia. Currently numerous clients across in Belarus, The Arabic Emirates, Poland and other countries are using this application.

During the course of the project Epol Soft worked with the client’s team on the APIs. The client’s representatives praised the usefulness our team’s suggestions. Our swift reactions to any project changes and fast prototype modifications helped to execute the project in time for the clients. As a result, we are currently managing the maintenance of numerous IoT projects for this telecommunication software manufacturer in the Netherlands.

“Epol Soft’s additional effort to make Smart Parking up and running and a success is much appreciated. The enhancement of Smart Parking with multiple Neural Networks was very innovative. After a basic explanation of the use case Epol Soft can come up with a prototype very quickly”.

“CUT is a completely new way to connect everything and everyone that moves. Our Connect Urban Transport solution will enable the City of Dallas to manage growing traffic and increase driver safety more efficiently and at a lower cost.”