Sensory System Examination Program

Field: IOT, Medical

Duration: 07.2018 – present

Hours spent: 9 900+

Technologies and tools:.Net, MS SQL SERVER COMPACT, XAUDIO, Wireless Communication Library, WPF, NSIS.

Medical automation is a way to a quick, precise and affordable healthcare, and in our case, a way to reduce the time and effort for a range of medical examinations. Sensory System Examination Program is a solution aimed to automate screening medical examination of human sense organs for the Polish Center of Hearing and Speech “Medincus”. The solution consists of three parts: testing device, device firmware and software application. The resulting application tests the applicants’ hearing, speech, sight and other senses and health indicators via a variety of methods, manages patient surveys, processes the resulting data.


For example, during hearing tests the application transmits sounds of specific frequencies into the patient’s headphones. The audiometer analyzes the patient’s response to certain sounds and transmits the data via Bluetooth to a computer. The computer software further processes the data and generates a report for the doctors, also synchronizing the data from the doctor to a single data center.


The development started in 2018 and was completed in 2019. Currently we are managing the maintenance of the program. During our time working with the client, our teams have steadily received positive feedback from the client:

“The programmers are available for communication at virtually any time, they notify me of any changes, and their vacations in advance.”

“Overall, the cooperation with the team is very satisfactory, the software changes are going along well. I’d also like to praise their efforts on the firmware, the sound artefacts matter was not a simple one to fix, and while doing so the team showed they have a capacity for acquiring new information, learning about features of an existing code, and implementing the end results.”

“The team grows more efficient with our software, the efficiency is apparent in the firmware changes. The demos were informative and concise. The project manager was available for a meeting every time it was needed, the communication is consistent. All the latest tasks were done according to the planned deadlines, some were done even faster.”

As of now, the Center of Hearing and Speech plans for further cooperation with Epol Soft.