Sensory Examination Program

Field: #Area solutions, #Medical

Client: Medincus Hearing and Speech Center, Poland

Technologies and tools: #.Net, #MS SQlite, #XAUDIO, #Wireless Communication Library, #WPF, #NSIS

Since 2018, our company has been providing software maintenance for the Sensory Examination Platform, a medical device developed by world-class specialists from the MEDINCUS Hearing and Speech Center.

MEDINCUS is a network of medical centers, 15 of which are located in Poland and 8 in other countries. Each affiliate provides services in otolaryngology, audiology and phoniatrics, and some of them offer rehabilitation, surdology, psychology and biomedical engineering. In addition, the Center is involved in the creation and successful implementation of innovative solutions and products. One such example is the Sensory Examination Platform. It is a mobile diagnostic and therapeutic device used for hearing, vision and speech screening tests, as well as hearing and speech rehabilitation for children and adults.

Based on modern information technology, the Platform makes it possible to perform many tests with a single device and obtain quick and readable results. For example, during DDT (Dichotic Digits Test) for diagnosing auditory conversion disorders, after running the examination module in the application, the device generates a corresponding sound track and plays it in the patient’s headphones. During the test, the specialist notes the patient’s response in the app. Then the response is analyzed by the device and then displayed in the form of a report with the test results.

All obtained test results are automatically stored in a central database, which provides an additional opportunity for comprehensive analysis. The device can serve as equipment for medical centers, outpatient clinics, as well as schools and kindergartens, which will allow early detection of perceptual disorders.