Multimedia Telephony Application Server

Field: Telecommunications

Duration: 08.2009 – present

Hours spent: 520 000+

Technologies and tools: C++, TTCN, SIP, Diameter, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins, Linux.

Multimedia Telephony Application Server is a high-performing carrier class application server for voice and multimedia applications providing cost efficient services for next generation mobile and fixed networks. The app offers multiple features, including conferencing, group management, text chats, image and file transfer, shared file transfer, session and service control and administration, intelligent terminals able to handle multiple sessions not limited by a physical line or circuit.

The product supports all legacy telephony services as well as next generation services like multi-device applications, multi-media services over multiple accesses like mobile 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and fixed accesses. This makes an excellent start to replace legacy networks, introduce Voice over LTE as well as build an excellent foundation to offer a service evolution for next generation end user services

Since the beginning of development in 2009 the project has been expanding both in scale and client coverage. Currently Multimedia Telephony Application Server is used by various clients in the USA, China, Australia, India, Russia and many other countries across the globe.

As per the clients’ orders we were able to show a high level of professionalism in solving project tasks, for which in the end we received positive reviews from the customers.

“Epol Soft’s valued contribution towards project TR backlog and maintenance of Multimedia Telephony Application Server has a very high visibility. I encourage Epol Soft to continue their focus and commitment in helping Multimedia Telephony Application Server with its quality objectives.”

“Always very good responsiveness to requests as well as proactiveness. Continuously good work with recruitment and training program. High commitment from teams and overall high contribution both on features and TRs. Quick and insightful responses.”

“Epol Soft teams are very good at pulling and handling all kinds of TRs, including in areas that are new to them. Generally good commitments to delivery dates in all teams. Excellent team performance.”