Dr. Eryk

Field: Medical

Duration: 05.2007 – present

Hours spent: 134 000+

Technologies and tools: C\C++\STL, Python, C#, SQL, WS/SOAP, COM, PascalScript, HTML/Javascript, Digital Signature, boost, mfc, libcurl, fastreport, gsoap, openssl, pdf417, xercesc, libjpeg, libpng, agg, Postgresql 9.4.

Back in the say medical facilities were in need of a solution that could automate medical workplaces and decrease paperwork. Dr. Eryk became that solution. This unique application not only reduces the work time of medical staff and increases the quality of rendered services, but also provides a close interaction with health insurance. The functionality of the program creates all conditions for keeping of medical records in electronic form: from appointment registration and completing a medical history to calculating the budget and account keeping. It contains relevant information about the changes in the legislation and a database of medical dictionaries, registered medicines, tools and materials.

The app is currently used by over 1000 medical facilities in Poland. It has been approved by the Quality Monitoring Center of Health System in the Polish market.

Dr. Eryk

Since we started our work on the app in 2007, Dr. Eryk has changed owners twice, and all this time Epol Soft has been developing and maintaining the project, always keeping up with medical industry innovations. The latest reviews from the clients show their appreciation of our effort.

“The team works in accordance with its competences and experience. We all work as together on better software quality so that there are fewer and fewer bugs. We want to strengthen our commitments even more.”

“The team is involved in the work and reacts very quickly to changes that are necessary. We are satisfied with the work of the team and I think that every employee contributed to this state.”

“Great job done by the developers. They do their job very well and our analysts work very well with them. The developers pay attention to everything that is important and thanks to this we are able to save time at a later stage of the implementation of the given topic.”