drEryk Gabinet

Field: #Area solutions, #Medical, #Medical software

Client: drEryk S.A., Poland

Technologies and tools: #С++, #boost, #MFC, #PostgreSQL, #Fast Report, #Web Services, #OpenSSL

drEryk Gabinet is a professional and complex tool meant for medium and large medical centers, polyclinics and hospitals. Since 2007, our engineers have been providing comprehensive and complex maintenance of the desktop version, which offers ready-made and personalized configurations of modules for doctors, rehabilitologists, nurses, obstetricians, physiatrists and administrators.

drEryk Gabinet is an effective system, which is updated according to the customer’s requirements of national law, and assists with the following tasks:

  • schedule a convenient appointment, including online appointments and sending SMS notifications for patients;
  • consult patients remotely via video communication;
  • organize and safely store patient information (visits, treatment, procedures, statistics, etc.);
  • exchange data with a laboratory;
  • select and prescribe medicine according to the characteristics and compatibility of the medicines, availability of medical generics and state budget exemptions;
  • fill in, send and store patients’ medical documents (referrals for examinations, electronic prescriptions, medical certificates);
  • organize school healthcare, including health programs and screening examinations;
  • manage the medical center operation (bills, price lists, statistical reports routine).

All these elements and functions facilitate the work of medical staff significantly and ensure reliable data storage and data exchange with central systems. Over many years of operation and maintenance, drEryk Gabinet earned the trust of thousands of doctors, medical centers and healthcare experts on the Polish market.