Connected Urban Transport

Fields: IOT

Duration: 07.2017-present

Hours spent: 38 500+

Technologies and tools: React.js, Redux, MongoDB, Node.js, Git, Azure (Vault, VM, Kubernetes, Cosmos), Webpack, Mocha, Selenium.

The modern city ecosystem of residents, traffic, road infrastructure, vehicles, bikes, fleet owners, public transport, logistics providers is complex and fragmentated. It deals with a lot of problems on daily basis, from road accidents and equipment failures to public transport schedule optimization and traffic jams, making it difficult to detect and resolve those problems manually. Connected Urban Transport (CUT) is an ambitious IoT project that aims to automate monitoring, management and maintenance of the traffic system and its connected devices and applications. The resulting system allows its users to see the traffic from the connected devices in the chosen territory in real time and collect and proceed traffic data.

CUT connectable devices include vehicles, traffic lights, video cameras, sensors, actuators and many others. The CUT system provides flexible architecture and seamlessly integrates with other third-party clouds and services, which makes it easier to constantly expand the system with new features. The user interface contains a graphical overview across systems and events visualization which can help users analyze their monitoring data on real time to drill-down on issues and identify the patterns.

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The project was developed for a leading Swedish telecommunication software manufacturer, and tested in the city of Dallas, Texas, the USA. The client’s head of IoT mentioned:

“CUT is a completely new way to connect everything and everyone that moves. Our Connect Urban Transport solution will enable the City of Dallas to manage growing traffic and increase driver safety more efficiently and at a lower cost.”

Nowadays the list of CUT users includes Veoneer, EasyMail, Teleste, NordicWay, Volvo Cars, McLaren, MaxView, Telstra, BrounAbility, Ericsson One Fleet, RTA Quality, Gelly and others.

The telecommunication software manufacturer praised Epol Soft for its independence and excellent quality of our services:

“The team is running by itself and there is no need for active steering.”

““Great competence, high quality output. The team handles scope changes very well and is always on time. Keep up with the good work.”

“The execution is excellent, especially taking into account the complexity of tasks that the teams are taking. The teams are doing their best and going extra mile to contribute to finishing the features needed for the final delivery of the solution to the customer but also to do internal improvements that will help reducing operating costs in operations phase of the solution.”